Anti-racism and anti-discrimination photo campaign 2017

Promoting equality through a special campaign to connect male and female football. Young Dinamo first team players Ivan Fiolić, Borna Sosa and Petar Stojanović invited players from ŽNK Dinamo Laura Kopić and Marija Klarić. Besides that, GNK Dinamo provided support with designing ŽNK Dinamo official website.


Anti-racism and anti-discrimination photo & video campaign 2015

Anti-racism and anti-discrimination campaign ”Equality = The only choice” – second edition. Connecting first team players and youngest players from Dinamo Open football school in playing football at Maksimir stadium. Participants were Soudani (Algeria), Sigali (Argentine), Machado (Portugal) and kids Santiago Machado (Portugal), Abayomi Onifade (Niger), Yu Cheng Yin (China), Luka Petračija (Croatia). Campaign concept, recording, editing, campaign text.

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Anti-racism and anti-discrimination video campaign 2014

Anti-racism and anti-dicrimination campaign ”Equality = The only choice”. Players from first and B team, as well as young talented players from Dinamo’s Youth Academy presenting a project with the main goal – preventing racism and discrimination in football, promoting equality and diversities and fight against every type of intolerance, racism and discirmination in society. Campaign concept, recording, editing, campaign text.

Anti-racism and anti-discrimination photo campaign 2012

Anti-racism and anti-dicrimination campaign ”Dinamo and friends for equality”. In order to promote a fight against discrimination and fight for equality Dinamo decided to invite few participants in a project for 2012. First team player Sammir and goalkeeper Ivan Kelava, Paralympian athlete Branimir Budetić – young guy with visual impairment, football player Tihana Nemčić. Campaign concept, recording, editing, campaign text.