All people say childhood is the best part of our life. And they are all right. Every one of us has his own life story and childhood memories.

Childhood was the best part of my life because I learned how to handle two elementary schools and later two high schools at the same time. It was the best part of my life because I’ve filled myself with a large amount of knowledge some people will never have a chance to get.

Of course, it was not the best time of my life because I had to miss some great moments with my family and friends. I missed some plays, trips, sunny weekends and birthdays in order to learn everything I can. I couldn’t play a basketball because I had to watch my fingers for the upcoming violin concert, I couldn’t drink a coffee after a class because I had an exam in a music school that afternoon, I couldn’t have a night out because I had a class on Saturday morning.

But – it was worth it. I am thankful because my parents invested a lot of money, time and love into me and my education. Recently I counted all years I spent in different schools and the finding really cheered me up: I am 26 years old now and my total number of years of schooling is 27. =)

In the end, many sacrifices in my early days brought me to a place where I always wanted to be – here where I am at the present moment. =) © 2016