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GNK Dinamo & The Rehabilitation Centre Silver

Promotional campaign and call to action for Zagreb citizens

The Rehabilitation Centre Silver – institution of social care that is unique in this region of Europe and which trains assistance dogs (guide dogs, service dogs, service dogs for children/therapy dogs) to be used in the rehabilitation of disabled persons and children with learning and intellectual difficulties. Continue reading “GNK Dinamo & The Rehabilitation Centre Silver”

Red, rad, disciplina

Winter holidays

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CAFE holds Disability Access Officer training seminar in Russia

The event, held in cooperation with the Russian Football Union (RFU), welcomed DAOs from all clubs playing in Russia’s top two divisions to the RFU’s House of Football.

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GNK Dinamo DAO presentation at Russian Football Union and Football Federation of Ukraine

GNK Dinamo was invited by the CAFE, The Centre for Access to Football in Europe – official partner of UEFA, to join three workshops about access and inclusion for disabled supporters. Seminars/workshops were held in the Russian Football Union, Moscow, and in the Football Federation of Ukraine, Kiev 7 – 10 of February.

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Winter preseason 2018: Turkey, Belek 📷

Video highlights – Belek, Turkey

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Preseason: 2018 ROVINJ 🎥

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CSR project: Dinamo & deaf and hard of hearing fans


Cooperation with Association of deaf and hard of hearing people Zagreb started in December 2017.

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UEFA DAO Handbook

Access and inclusion for disabled people is about more than just accessible seating. It also means ensuring that opportunities, such as the opportunity to volunteer, are open to disabled people. By liaising with local disability groups, we create opportunities for local disabled people who might otherwise never visit the stadium. Such initiatives can result in more disabled spectators attending matches and becoming lifelong fan.

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